Training & Certification

Information Mapping offers classroom training as well as self-paced programs.

Available courses address every type of written business communication. Whether you’re tasked with writing complex technical documentation or simply want to create great emails and memos that get results, there’s an Information Mapping program that’s designed to meet your needs.

Training Types

Information Mapping offers 3 types of learning:

  • Public (classroom) Training

    These open-enrolment sessions offer

    • Conveniently located, well equipped training facilities
    • Expert certified instructors, and
    • Small class sizes to ensure individualized instruction.

    After attending a course, students can apply for an Information Mapping® Professional certificate.  See details of upcoming courses

  • Private (classroom) Training

    Organizations often prefer a private program. Private training has several advantages:

    • A single class can accommodate 10 to 15 of your employees
    • The training takes place on dates that are convenient for you
    • Our instructor comes to your location, minimizing or eliminating employee travel expenses
    • Our certified instructor can prepare exercises using your source material. Participants benefit from seeing direct application of the Method to their work assignments.

    After the course, students can apply for an Information Mapping® Professional certificate

    Contact us if you would like more information.

  • Online Training

    Information Mapping®’s self-paced e-learning courses allow you to improve organizational efficiency without ever having to leave your desk. Information Mapping® lets you choose from a variety of self-paced e-learning options. More info …

You can find out more about how Information Mapping can help you by attending one of our webinars.