Information Mapping Australia is a joint venture between two of Australia’s most experienced technical documentation consulting firms: HCi and TechWriter.

HCi was formed in 1985 and is the main specialist supplier of documentation contractors and permanent staff in Australia.

TechWriter was formed in 1992 to supply the need for technical communicators.  Overtime this expanded to include documentation specialists, editors and learning and development professionals.  In more recent times, it has taken a direct involvement in the learning and development of documentation specialists as well as responding to client needs for bespoke writing programs.

Here are some of the key team members for Information Mapping.

Team Members

Elizabeth Abbott

Managing Director

Elizabeth has a wide range of experience in project management, technology, risk, internal audit and financial management. For the last 12 years she has been running her own companies specialising in the technical communication industry. After providing professional documentation resources to many leading Australian companies and government agencies, she was well aware of the lack of training and skills development available to those wishing to improve their written communication skills. She is now working to address this.

Rosalind Thieme

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Rosalind has over 20 years experience working as a consultant and facilitator.  Her consulting work includes
facilitation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the European Union, and project work for many different clients, working in the roles of Facilitator, Project Manager, Instructional Designer, and Strategic Report and Technical Documentation Writer.

She has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Science – Instructional Design and Technology from Deakin University. Her accreditations, licenses, and training include Instructor accreditation in the Information Mapping® Methodology, Buzan Licensed Mind Mapping Facilitator, and Team Management Profile Facilitator.

Vivienne Begg

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

Vivienne has been teaching the Information Mapping® methodology since 1993. She has conducted Information Mapping workshops for a range of public and private sector clients all around Australia, as well as in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
As a trainer and writer, she doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’, she also ‘walks the walk’ – applying the methodology in a diverse range of writing, editing and documentation projects. Her writing experience includes writing procedural documentation for banks, website content, medical news stories, newsletters, and training materials. Vivienne’s editing experience ranges from reviewing and providing feedback on economic consulting reports, to editing and proofreading training materials.