FS Pro 2020FS Pro is a software program that helps you create clearly structured documents by providing formatting and layout tools. This way, you don’t have to worry about the layout, but you can focus on the actual content of your document.  It comes with 22 templates so you can get started quickly and painlessly.
The FS Pro tutorial is a series of free videos that step you through various tasks. Extra help is available as a series of documents.

FS Pro is:

  • Add-in for Microsoft Word

    Add-in for Microsoft Word

    FS Pro is an add-in for Microsoft Word. So you can continue to write in the word processor you are already familiar with. It simply adds new features by means of an additional ribbon.

    FSPro 2020

  • Integrated with the Information Mapping® method

    The Information Mapping® method helps writers analyze, organize, and present information based on the audience’s needs and the purpose of the information.

    Break large content into small, digestible pieces

    FS Pro 2020 allows you to write in Blocks, or small chunks of information with a label. This makes the information easier

    • for writers to write, organize, update and revise
    • for readers to read, use and remember

     Example of a Block

    FS Pro Block

    Further, you can group Blocks into Maps, and Maps into Overview Maps.

    Present your content visually

    Your content will become a lot easier to understand because you can use tables and lists to make the content easily digestible.

     Example of visual content

    Visual content

    Let the reader navigate easily with clear labels

    FS Pro 2020 automatically inserts placeholders for Map titles and empty columns for Block labels. Using clearly written labels will allow your readers to scan the document quickly and find the information they need.

     Example of labeled Blocks

    Labeled Blocks

    Prepare your readers

    FS Pro 2020 allows you to insert Overview Maps on different levels. Overview Maps are ideal to orient the reader to the content that follows, and result in a better understanding of the document.

See how it can work for you.

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