Writing Web Content

writing web contentIn this Master course participants learn to apply their basic skills to make Web content readily accessible, simple to navigate and easy to understand and use.

Who should attend

Writing Web Content™ is appropriate for anyone who wants to

  • create or reorganize information on the Web
  • ensure or improve the usability of Web content, or
  • apply the Information Mapping® approach to the Web.

Ideal for those who learnt Information Mapping earlier and who want to refresh their skills.  Those who are new to Information Mapping will need to complete the Foundation course first.

What you will learn

In Writing Web Content™ you will learn about:

  • types of websites
  • challenges for web writers and readers
  • analyzing content for the web
  • presenting information on the web
  • writing Plain English web content that supports quick scanning and rapid information retrieval
  • converting paper-based information to web content
  • writing effective links
  • using sound, animation, video and pod-casts on the web, and
  • creating a sitemap, an advance organizer and an index.

Note: This course does not cover website graphic design, HTML, scripting or other technical skills.

How you and your organization will benefit

Writing Web Content™ will help you and your organization

  • upgrade the quality of internal and external communications.
  • improve customer satisfaction, and
  • reduce questions to supervisors and customer support through clear and easy-to-find information.